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About Us


Our Pastry Chef

Vincent Cornet grew up in France where he studied culinary arts for 5 years. He had the opportunity to develop his kitchen skills through various professional experiences. His curiosity and desire to travel eventually brought him to Iceland, an endless source of inspiration to him. Living in Iceland since 2017, Vincent is more in touch with nature than ever before and this now allows him to design unique creations that capture and diffuse Iceland’s beauty.

Vìk ì Myrdal

Vík has become the home base for Arctic Macarons. It is the place where the volcanic mountains meet the ocean and the Northern Lights dance above the glaciers. It is the perfect place to boost one’s inspiration and incorporate it into a sweet and beautiful pastry, for everyone to enjoy.

Feel free to visit us in Vík at our two partner restaurants and resellers: Black Crust Pizzeria & The Soup Company.

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